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Wish list manager that helps you delay and defer purchases to save money and reduce clutter.

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Set and track wait time goals

  • Keep track how long items have been in your lists
  • Set optional wait time goal for any added item in your list
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Data Metrics

Insights on your spending habits

  • Track average wait time from add to purchase
  • Measure money saved by delaying and deferring
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Organize & Share

Create collections to organize, curate, or share

  • Organize your items by customizable collections.
  • Keep collections private or make public to share with friends and family.
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Shop Modes

"Buy Modes" to help change or encourage new habits.

  • Minimalist - encourages getting rid of stuff before buying something new
  • Multiplier - the popular "if you can't afford it twice, you can't afford it" mode.

Features coming soon..

Email Summaries

Email summaries with insights and reminders on items in your list

Amazon Wish List Import

Import your Amazon wish list and start tracking your items faster